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Let’s be clear; American consumers have no options to maximize their credit other than those that TCS provides. If a client requires any service (before credit maximization) that we do not offer—such as Bankruptcy, Debt Settlement, or Credit Counseling—we review all options and refer the client to the proper channels. Keep in mind; these other processes are not related to CREDIT MAXIMIZATION. However, when a consumer completes these other processes, they should immediately enroll with TCS so we can generate CREDIT MAXIMIZATION.

For centuries, people have proclaimed “the two things you can’t run from are death and taxes.” In the 21st century, there are three things: Death, Taxes, and Credit. Credit is the basis of our personal finances. Personal credit often oscillates with life’s ups and downs, and we all experience both. Our clients range from those on low income disability to the upper 1%, but the majority are in the middle of the economic spectrum. We don’t judge our clients for their mishaps, but we prefer to enroll clients who have income, jobs, and goals, and are serious about their credit and future transactions. In the world of credit, it’s not how you fall down that matters—it’s how you get up and move forward.

We launched this website and are marketing our trademark equation — REMOVE + BUILD + SETTLE = CREDIT MAXIMIZATION — because it’s the simplest way to describe—and actually fix, repair, and maximize—personal credit reports and credit scores. It is unfortunate and preventable that so many consumers remain confused about the credit system and their own credit options. We have solved this problem with our trademark formula.

Our philosophy has always been to help clients “use their money wisely” in utilizing credit report and credit score maximization services. As consumer needs and statutory requirements evolve, our goal continues to be to deliver low-risk, effective solutions in what regulators deem a high-risk environment.

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For more than a decade, we have helped American consumers in every state boost their credit scores; eliminate financial red flags; obtain quality loans; and combat fraud. Our records, unlike those of many credit report companies, can be substantiated. In the misunderstood world of credit history, many companies take advantage of unwitting consumers by making false claims about their own companies and the choices available to consumers. Most problematically, many of these companies offer generic advice and make general pronouncements without ever even looking at the actual credit situation of their customers, adding confusion and risk to the market place.

Our proven, trusted formula eliminates confusion and unnecessary headaches in the credit industry and the financial services sector. REMOVE + BUILD + SETTLE = CREDIT MAXIMIZATION is not just the best way, it’s the only way to fix credit reports and boost scores for short and long term success
Are we helping our competitors by displaying the intellectual property in our trademark equation? Yes. Will they try to copy us? You bet. But through our efforts, more consumers will understand the right way to fix credit, and not get distracted by the noise. As you move forward with our process, you will have a few simple but important responsibilities.

  • Upon enrollment, honor simple requests quickly so we (client & TCS) comply with state and federal laws.
  • Keep us in the loop regarding how you are doing financially and your exact goals. This way, we can expedite the process and prepare you for specific transactions (for example, resolving underwriting red flags such as Liens, Judgments, Collections, and Charge Offs).
  • Send back all the credit report results we generate for you. They will arrive by mail, and sometimes even by email for clients who use credit monitoring systems (see Our Process). This way we can record deletions; advise you properly; and tweak things on our end to get the most out of the process for you.
  • Do your best to stay organized and NOT allow negative new information to be reported while we work.

Finally, the best part of our process is that it unfolds exactly as explained. Clients know what they pay for and what they will receive. Take the time to invest in yourself and start maximizing your credit now.

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