The most important part of our credit repair process is the results our clients receive. First, within our credit maximization (credit repair) process, and second, but equally as important, the savings accumulated on quality future financial transactions. We look at your investment as a token of commitment. Not only to us, but in your own core personal finances.

Please take the time to view the video above. By viewing the video you will understand exactly how the credit report results arrive at your house, how to read the credit report results, and what the results mean. Even though Today’s Credit Solutions is doing all of the work, it’s still your credit and you are responsible for all things related to your credit. It’s in your best interest to review the results thoroughly.

Since your credit reports contain your personal information, by law, you the client are required to receive the credit report results we generate. This means you will receive credit reports in the mail every 25-35 days from the three credit bureaus Experian, Equifax, and Trans Union. Each credit report has an “Investigation Results” page. This document will specifically outline the negative accounts investigated and deleted. The results will also show what items were verified and updated.

Identity Verify One produces personal information and addresses updates, which are also highlighted within the credit report results.

The results shown in the video are actual results from clients who have been enrolled in our credit repair process. By viewing the video above you know exactly what the documents look like and how to read them. This is how you monitor the progression of our credit repair process and the purification of your credit reports.

While enrolled in our process your primary job is to send us all of the credit report results and creditor letters you receive. We must record what is being removed and use this information to advise you properly.

Feel free to scroll through trending client testimonials below as they are verified client experiences.

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Process Alerts

Clients who are enrolled in credit monitoring and our credit repair process may receive alerts via email and within their respective credit monitoring systems when changes are made to the credit reports and scores. TCS clients must forward all forms of results to our office.