Confront your credit

Once you have enrolled in our credit maximization process, we create an account in our system and analyze your credit reports.  We together review your credit history by phone and TCS provides a credit report breakdown so you understand your exact starting point

Identity Verify One

During enrollment, we ask you to verify your identity and address.  We use the documents that you forward to us to increase TCS efficiency; update your credit reports with the correct personal data; and combat fraud.  Any and all information TCS collects is kept completely confidential and we used it solely to verify with the credit bureaus and creditors that we have your correct information.

TCS maximizes credit reports and scores

We apply our trusted formula to your credit reports and tailor it to your income.  This process includes but is not limited to (1) REMOVING negative accounts from your credit reports by completing credit investigations and verification processes; and (2) BUILDING your credit profile the right way.

Receive Results

Since we are addressing your credit and personal information, the credit bureaus are required by law to send you, the client, the results we generate.  The results, organized in credit report format, are delivered to your verified current mailing address every 25-35 days.  Each credit report features an investigation results page that outlines the negative accounts we investigated and removed.  The documents generated enable you to monitor the progression of our Credit Repair process and the purification of your credit reports.

Send Results

You are required to send us the results you receive in the mail. We need to record what is being removed and advise you properly.  You may send us the results by fax, mail, or email immediately upon receipt or in bulk every 35-40 days.

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