Credit Repair is important when addressing inaccurate, unverifiable, and unfair negative information within credit reports. Resolving accurate valid bad debts is equally important. Another element of maximizing credit reports and credit scores is building the best positive credit profile for short and long term strength.

One example of an optimum credit profile is

  • Mortgage
  • Auto Loan
  • 3 Active credit card
  • 1 retail credit card

When building or rebuilding a credit profile clients must take one step at a time. Using proper timing to obtain each account is also important. Advice for credit report profile building is included in the Today’s Credit Solutions credit maximization advisory platform. This includes where, when, and what accounts to apply for, obtain, and activate.

We hope credit repair clients take a more long term approach with their credit as the credit scoring system is designed to reward long lasting active positive accounts.

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