Our core philosophy is to help you use your money wisely so you can maximize your credit reports and credit scores.  This process includes removing your negative accounts; building your credit profiles; and resolving your valid bad debts, such as collections, charge offs, liens, and judgments.

Once you are enrolled, we apply our trademark formula to your credit reports and tailor it to your income.  Our business model is designed to help people at all income levels so no one has to be sidelined by bad credit.  The credit industry has grown rapidly and become extraordinarily complex, and the credit market has always been confusing for consumers–often because the financial industry has deliberately made it confusing. By making our proven formula public, we have eliminated much consumer confusion in the Credit Repair industry.

Simply put no other ways are available to maximize credit beyond those we provide. However, every credit situation is different, and so is the disposable income available to each client.  Although we cannot predict the actions of your creditors or the credit bureaus, we can predict and guarantee our actions, advisory services, and process flow.  Everything we explain and advise has been developed through years of experience, combined with expertise and ethical leadership.  We will spare no effort to insure your credit improves and you become better prepared to attain your life’s goals, such as owning a home; refinancing an existing mortgage; saving money on auto loans and insurance policies; paying for an education; gaining peace of mind by resolving your credit problems; and knowing you’re prepared to undergo an unexpected employment or partnership credit review.

It would be unfair to clients if we guaranteed specific scores and success just to obtain your business.  We can only control our process and how we properly fix client credit reports.  Having reviewed every type of credit situation in America, we are able to outline general scoring numbers and benchmarks for each kind of situation clients encounter.  However, our real job is to apply our trusted proven formula to your credit reports, and prepare you the best we can for transactions.  Of course, we want 200 point increases for every client, but we also must adhere to regulations, and work within a system in which the credit bureaus control the scoring and trillions of pieces of data are exchanged every day.

“We guarantee to remove non compliant, unverifiable, inaccurate negative accounts from client credit reports and improve client credit profile and scores through use of our trusted formula. We promise to advise you factually, professionally and with your best interest in mind. If we fail to do so, we will refund all costs associated with our process. We also guarantee our process will unfold exactly as explained, thus giving you the best chance at success. Please note: if all documentation that is requested from you, by us for credit repair, is not forwarded to our mailing address the refund policy will be void. Newly reported negative information and client noncompliance will also factor in to a refund request review.”

If we were a law firm or Credit Repair company marketing ourselves as a law firm our guarantee would be this:  “It is important to understand no guarantees apply to legal services. The world of Credit Repair is much like a court of law, in which an attorney could never guarantee a client that a judge or jury would find in their favor.”

The big difference that sets Today’s Credit Solutions apart from other companies is that our formula works and is guaranteed.  No one can control the credit bureaus’ scoring algorithms or whether clients follow through on their commitments to their own credit, but we can control and guarantee our process and the formula we use to maximize consumer credit potential.

If you desire substantial results from a trusted company that charges reasonable and customary fees, then look no further and contact us now.

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Alert:  Be wary of any Credit Repair company promising a clean-up in 30 days, or processes that sound illegal or questionable.

Disclaimer:  Clients are required to comply with simple aspects of our process.  Please work to maintain a clean credit report while enrolled in our credit maximization Credit Repair process. Enabling new negative items to be added to your credit reports—for example, a newly missed minimum credit card payment—while we work with you will affect the overall Credit Report scoring ratios.  Legally, we cannot guarantee a complete restoration of your credit—that would mean we are promising to remove and/or resolve all your negative credit issues, including debts and credit reporting. In some instances this will be possible, but so many factors beyond our control apply to Credit Repair—including client behavior—that we can promise only what we can deliver—a formula that works and our professional guarantee.