Testimonials represent credit repair results specific to each client situation and experience. By collaborating with clients to create testimonials we are able to ensure the facts of their case are displayed accurately. All client files are audited and the testimonials are verified. All credit repair – credit maximization testimonials are a direct result of TCS applying its trademark formula to client credit reports and rendered niche credit services. Every client situation is different and you should not expect the same result.

Today’s Credit Solutions guarantees to apply its formula and tactics on your behalf with the credit bureaus and creditors. Since the founding of TCS in 2006 our clients have seen great credit report maximization results. We have been a model for consistency generating an average of 14.8 removals per client over the course of our niche credit repair (credit maximization) ‘process one’ which is approximately six months. Some clients are able to reach and surpass the average result threshold, but TCS cannot guarantee clients will experience the same success rate.

Calculating Removed Items

By averaging 14.8 removals per process clients are able to boost credit scores while purifying credit reports. The number of items removed is calculated by verifying items removed multiplied by how many bureaus the items are removed from. Example; 1 questionable negative item removed from all three (3) credit bureaus is counted as 3 removals. Removal calculations are verified through credit breakdown processes and are generated after clients have been in our process an average of 6 months. New clients should not expect the same results.